Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

We offer a full suite of BC/DR services and solutions to help your organization continue its operations during an unplanned outage.

Whether it is a point project to meet a regulatory requirement, a solution refresh based on technology changes or starting a program from the ground floor, our team has extensive experience across a wide range of industry verticals to meet your needs.

Some highlight services that we have helped deliver in organizations include:
  • Understanding business threats, risks and impacts
  • Designing a robust strategy that meets business requirements and budgets
  • Developing effective and simple Crisis Management, Business and Technical Recovery Plans
  • Implementing and testing business and technical solutions
  • Maintaining and enhancing your program as your business and technology evolves

Data Centre Consolidation, Virtualization and Migration

IT departments are continually challenged in maintaining high levels of service and always-on infrastructure back to the business. Many organizations have to deal with a growing number of data centres, large heterogeneous environments and designing a roadmap to deliver services in the cloud.

Whether it is looking to consolidate your physical locations, reduce your server footprint through virtualization, change your delivery mechanism to cloud based offerings or physically relocating your existing data centres, NYR can help you achieve these goals.

Program and Project Management

We offer a cost-effective alternative to managing and maintaining your organization’s Business Continuity Program. Keeping your requirements, solutions, documentation and testing program current can be a challenge in today’s dynamic business world.

Data Storage and Backup

The backbone to recovery solutions continues to be availability of critical data. This challenge is not unique or trivial with a wide variety of storage and backup tools, exponential data growth rates and ever decreasing backup windows.

We understand data from a recovery perspective but are also sensitive to the complete lifecycle of archiving, replication, search and restore. Although businesses can typically withstand an application outage, the loss of data has tremendous business consequences.

If your organization has challenges with backups, data synchronization points from different platforms and recovery challenges, we can help you work towards a viable solution.